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the nonsense countdown clock. >> america live starts right now? alisyn: we have breaking news for you. this is fox news alert. we have to show you defiant display by the soldier busted yesterday for plotting that new attack at fort hood. during his hearing on pretty call gun charges. private nasser adbul yelled out name of person accused of killing 13 people at same army post, major necessary dal hasan. killed 13 people at the days. after he was arrested police found weapons and bomb-making materials in his hotel room where he was staying near the main gate of fort hood. we'll have a live report for you on all these 1re8ments in moments. just hour after president obama make as last minute appeal to lawmakers to resolve the debt crisis we're hearing reports that administration officials are
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preparing for what happens if the august 2nd deadline comes and goes with no deal for the country to borrow more money. welcome to "america live" everyone. i'm alisyn camerota in for megyn kelly. just last night house leaders pulled the plug on a vote for john boehner's debt proposal. right now a revamped bill is making its way around congress with the possibility of a vote sometime this afternoon. president obama is now pushing for a deal, warning the u.s. is almost out of time. he also had this to say about speaker boehner's plan. >> right now the house of representatives is still trying to pass a bill that a majority of republicans and democrats in the senate have already said they won't vote for. this plan would force us to relive this crisis in just a few short moments, holding our economy captive to washington politics once again. in other words, it does not
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solve the problem and it has no chance of becoming law. >> what happens the day after august 2nd? well neil cavuto, senior vice president, anchor and editor of fox news channel and fox business network. neil, great to see you. >> hey, alisyn. alisyn: what happens on august 3rd if no debt deal is reached on august 2nd? >> we don't necessarily default. we are hearing and getting wind what happened today at the new york fed when officials were meeting with so-called government primary dealers. there are about 20 of them alisyn. without sounding arcane and getting too much into gobbledygook. these are folks responsible for trading treasury securities, marking them up, getting them out in the market so chinese, japanese, canadians, germans can buy this stuff. they are the responsible are the go-between if you will for selling our treasury debt to anyone who wants it. that is the big question whether they will be able to do that. we're told at this meeting
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they explained the mechanics what would happen in the event of a shutdown. we are also told that they have been assured that there will not be a shutdown or that bondholders will not be honored, probably news of relief to them because they would be stuck holding bad paper, bad promises and that would just be bad period. so, the other details as to what we the public will get to know might be released from the treasury department itself after the market closes, even though that is not necessarily a sure thing. but in the event of a downgrade, all bets are off there. i will leave that off the table for the time-being. let's say we don't meet this deadline, allison, then you're faced with the possibility of the government having to get by on a lot less but not anything. in other words, money is still coming in. we still have taxes taken out of our paycheck and the government will be still getting into the vicinity of
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170 to $172 billion each month. unfortunately the government spends better than $306 billion each month. so it has to prioritize its creditors. i said it earlier, but it would be much like families when they're in some financial duress, either spouse lose as job or gets cut back they have to prioritize the bills to pay. always pay the rent, mortgage, utilities. you might let a visa or mastercard payment slide but the pay the important ones to keep you in the house or lights on or air-conditioning on in that house. alisyn: sure. >> that is what we'll likely here later today. for my money that will be the most important development, not necessarily the house vote later today or the senate vote later today. i think the real drama will be since neither of those measures will be popular in the other body, what happens in the event things just sort of stop? alisyn: we will see what the treasury department has to say about how they would prioritize those choices and that household analogy is a
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good one. neil cavuto, thanks for coming in to explain it. >> sure. alisyn: watch neil cavuto tonight live from capitol hill live 4:00 p.m. eastern on fox news channel and at 6:00 on fox business network. do you want to guess who has more money than the u.s. government? i won't wait for your answer. i will just tell you. it's apple. according to the company's latest balance report, it has $76 billion in cash reserves. well as of this morning, uncle sam's piggybank has a little more than $73 billion. how can apple have more than the u.s.? here's their secret. they make more money than they spend. yep, that's a crazy little formula our government is trying to work out right now. sew what does the new possible debt limit mean for you? well you can go to our website, and click on the debt calculator link. you can enter your annual gross income there. that will tell you what your share of the federal debt
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would be again, just go to back to our fox news alert we told you about earlier. a defiant and ugly court appearance by the soldier accused of plotting an attack on fellow soldiers outside the fort hood army post. moments ago federal prosecutors held a hearing charging him will legal possession of a firearm. as he left the hearing, he yelled out the name of man accused of killing 13 people at that same texas army post in 2009. authorities busted abdu with bomb-making materials and struck shuns for making explosives. fox's kris gutierrez is outside the jailhouse in killeen, texas where he was held overnight. tell us about the scene. >> reporter: more about the criminal complaint released in criminal court. abdo admitted to authorities that he planned to build two bombs inside the hotel room here in the city of killeen. which is basically fort
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hood. it is neighboring community to the largest military post in the country. remember fort hood spans some 350 square miles. it is massive. in terms of the attack, it wasn't a direct attack, alleged direct attack against tort hood. instead he planned to target a busy restaurant somewhere in the busy city of killeen. that restaurant wasn't identified by authorities in the criminal complaint. we don't know if he had one in mind. according to paperwork we're getting in court he wanted somewhere known to be frequented by fort hood soldiers and their families. according to the paperwork he wanted to use pressure cookers stuffed with gunpowder and shrapnel to attack his fellow soldiers. as you mentioned as he was leaving court this morning he did yell out nidal hasan, fort hood, 2009. as you mentioned, he is the former army psychiatrist, now facing the death penalty if convicted of killing 13 of his fellow soldiers,
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again from neighboring fort hood back in november of 2009 when he stormed into a soldier processing center wielding two happened guns. witnesses allege they heard him el al law akbar which is arabic for, god is great and they opened fire on our innocent soldiers. back to you. alisyn: do they think abdo was close to pulling this off? >> absolutely. authorities during a press conference yesterday had it not been for courageous and quick actions after local gun store employee who noticed what he described as abdo's strange behavior asking him i want to buy buy six pounds of smokeless gunpowder how do i use it? when he noticed red flags he notified authorities. because of that, authorities say this outcome was much different. alisyn: thank goodness for him and for alerting authorities. >> absolutely. alisyn: kris gutierrez, thanks for the update. we're also getting new details today on an epic story of survival.
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pilot michael trapp cheated death twice. first when his plan crashed into lake hurron then surviving the next 18 hours treading water without a lifejacket. trace gallagher live in the west coast newsroom. how did he do this, trace? >> reporter: this is crazy amazing. michael trapp was flying to family reunion over lake huron. he was in single engine cessna 152. he says the engine began to stall. he notified the faa saying i'm going in right now. the plane then crashed. somehow he made it out of the plane and he took off his shoes and took off his plants. listen to him. >> tried to keep as much positive attitude as i could and just went into survival mode at that point. >> reporter: can you imagine survival mode? he began trying to swim. he was 18 miles away from the shore. he was in high waves. daylight began turning to darkness. the water temperature was 69
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degrees. which means it was only matter of hours before hypothermia set in. he believes he swam 15 miles before he got caught in a very strong current about two miles away from the shore. he was totally exhausted. he finally saw a boat. he took off a sock and started waving it and guess what? the boat began to slow down. listen. >> i was like oh, my god, yes, thank you, thank you. and, you know, 18 hours ain't a long time when you're on vacation or partying or something like that. i'm telling you what, 18 hours is a long time in the water. >> reporter: doctors say his muscles were pretty extensively exhausted but other than that, allison, he is fine as you saw there, sitting talking to him. he survived this whole thing. alisyn: what a remarkable story, trace. we will let our viewers know exactly what it was like out there on the waters when we talk to that survivor. pilot michael trapp is going to join us live this hour.
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a fox news alert now on a new round of bad news concerning america's economy. stuart varney on the fallout over new numbers in three minutes. and are we about to see a landslide victory for the next debt bill in the house today? congressman louie gohmert will tell us if this has changed his no vote to yes in just three minutes. and, a desperate search now underway for this 11-year-old girl in new hampshire. she vanished from her bedroom while her parents were home. we're going to have the latest in this mysterious investigation. >> she has not been seen since monday and very much missed by the family and community. she loves her family and is especially devoted to her sister kayla who is absolutely devastated by her disappearance
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alisyn: fox news alert for you now because america's economy apparently hitting a wall. with little signs that things will turn around soon.
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the government saying that america's economy grew an anemic 1.3% this spring. that is the weakest pace since the big recession officially ended two summers ago. what's more dramatic even, the economists downgraded the first quarter performance from a 1.9% growth rate to just a .4. the economy is growing at a rate of less than one half percent in the first quarter. that of course hurts. here to explain all of this and break it down into words we understand is fox business network's host of "varney & company", stu varney. the gdp had a dismal report. what does that mean? what is it? >> we were expecting bad. we got worse. over the winter the economy barely grew at all. in the spring the economy was still extremely weak. we're on the verge, we're actually in what i would call a near recession level of activity for the economy. this could not have been any worse. we were not expecting anything like as bad as
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this. when you say, first of all, the economy's growing at 1.9%, then a couple weeks later, sorry, it was only .4%, that is a downgrade and 1/2. alisyn: why are we getting it so wrong? why are the predictions so wrong? >> don't know. can't explain why we got it so wrong the first time and now we're saying this. alisyn: look at the market. it is down 74 points right now. do you think this is what the market is responding to today or the debt deal wrangling? >> no, i do. they're responding to this the bad economic news. we've been hearing for days we were getting panic selling on the stock market because of this debt mess. well, the stock market did sell off. now today it is selling off because of the bad economic news. now just for a second, think this forward. where are we going with this? what does this mean, that weak economy now? i think two things. number one, it is right now, very much more likely that we are downgraded, that our
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financial reputation, we, america, our financial reputation is downgraded, taken down a couple notches. why? >>. alisyn: regardless what happens with the debt ceiling? >> regardless what happens with the death. regardless of that. you could get a deal tomorrow morning. you're still likely to get a downgrade. that is in large part because this weaker economy means a bigger deficit. you're adding more money to the debt. the debt gets worse. downgrade coming. alisyn: well now i know why they call you bad news stu. >> thank you so much. alisyn: we're ales happy to see you. thanks for coming in to explain all this bad news. thanks. >> sure. alisyn: another fox newsly alert because we're getting reports that house gop members previously opposed to a bill raising debt ceiling are changing to yes votes after the bill was modified this morning. texas congressman lewis gohmert joins me live. hello, congressman.
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have you changed the vote because of the new amendment that changes the boehner amendment to a? >> we have the language added. i have to move off the undecided. the balanced budget amendment if we can get that done, people have tried before unsuccessfully. that is a game-changer, going back to what you were saying with stuart? for too long washington has been run by numbers. you can't run this place by numbers. you have to run it by principles. when we gotten away pro principles, basically, don't spend more than you bring in, then we have gotten into trouble and we're worried about stock market doing this, that, selloff there. we just get back to principles and the stock market should love it. in the meantime, the truth is, if the deficit goes up or not, wall street makes tons of money. they will make more money with the debt ceiling going
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up. so for me, it has to be about principles. and the balanced budget amendment with a cap on spending is a big deal. now, i'm also hoping the bill i've been pushing ever since i got here, i couldn't get it done in the republican-controlled congress. zero-baseline budget. if we just zero out all of the automatic increases, i understand it is a 9.5 trillion, if cbo scores it if you don't automatically increase over ten years, we save $9.5 trillion. there are so many basically principles we need to follow that we're not. >> now, congressman, you said that in this whole process of negotiating with the speaker that you were bloodied and beaten. and i'm wondering about your battle wounds today. are you, are you -- >> bruises take time --, well the bruises take time to heal. and in fact, if you go back to tarp and when i was
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begging in our conference, please read this bill. if you read it you will see you dent do this in america. you don't give one man $750 billion. i couldn't get enough. there were some things said that hurt. but, i was right. i stood on principle then. same thing now. alisyn: but you got bruised because you were standing on principle. so what were those conversations and negotiations like with the speaker? did you say to him i need a balanced budget amendment in here and then i will vote yes? >> truthfully, all of my discussions with the speaker have had him as gracious and respectful and i appreciated that so much. it is all the others that were sent in to give tongue lashing that were not always so well-appreciated. so he himself personally has been very gracious including yesterday evening when i did get called to the principal's office. but i appreciated him looking me in the eye and i looked him in the eye and he said, i need to ask for your
10:21 am
help. i'm looking you in the eye. alisyn: before we let you go you're in the maybe category in the language represents a balanced budget amendment? >> yeah. i realize from what they have said, the language is not going to be good enough to say it will be this specific balanced budget amendment. it doesn't actually say in there it will have caps on spending. that just means, like we just got a first down perhaps, if it follows through. alisyn: right. >> we've got aways to go to get to the goal line. alisyn: okay. >> you pick up this win and move forward if this works out like we hope. alisyn: congressman louie gohmert we'll let you go, tend to your wounds and see what happens. >> they don't show. they're always at a place you don't see them. thank you. alisyn: right. thank you. we have extreme weather alert for you now. there are new developments at this hour on a tropical storm heading for texas. the latest path of the storm is next. and a maiden voyage for a new generation of blimps goes terribly wrong. just ahead why they think this brand new, high-tech
10:22 am
airship came crashing down-to-earth. >> when it took off there wasn't no sound because it is not like motored at all. but, like, the joy of like the people down at the airport who let it off, they are all clapping and all excited. >> i --
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alisyn: extreme weather alert for you because tropical storm don is heading straight for the gulf coast, packing sustained winds of more than 50 miles an hour. meteorologist janice dean is monitoring it all from the fox weather center. how is it looking, janice. >> i will send out a new advisory just before 2:00 to make sure you are the first to know. this is our large wave. this is the next area of concern. this could become emily between the next 24 to 48 hours. some of computer models do develop the storm and it could become a hurricane.
10:26 am
we're guesting into that season. don here the bulk of rainfall south of center of circulation. unfortunately tex sass will not get rain they need to put a dent in that drought. south texas will see rainfall two to four inches, northeast mexico as well. there is our track again. we'll get new coordinates out before 2:00. we'll give you latest. we have think landfall corpus christie and brownsville. south padre island could get tropical storm force winds and heavy downpours. the water is warm so we could see additional strengthening before it makes landfall sometime during the overnight hours. back to you. >> thank you, janice. keep us posted, thank you. you heard janice saying that dangerous weather civil is unlikely to ease one. worst droughts ever seen across the south. fox's john roberts is live in atlanta. >> reporter: alisyn seems rather incongruous to talk about a drought at the same
10:27 am
time a tropical storm is hitting. let's bring up the drought monitor from the university of nebraska and give you data. look at that. state of texas 75% in absolute worse drought conditions. oklahoma, half of the state in same conditions. further east, 82% in louisiana. slightly below that next dream conditions and in georgia, more than 2/3 of the state in the same extreme drought conditions. what does this mean on the ground? state of texas means parched land, withered crops. ranchers are having to liquidate the herds because they can't afford to sell them. irrigation farmers are hurting and groundwater is drying up. if you want to drill a new well there is backlog two to four weeks. here in state of georgia, lake lanier, main source ever drinking water for city of atlanta is at lowest level since the drought began 2009. the lake bottom is creeping up again. the crops are taking a beating as well further down south. cotton crop has taken a hit.
10:28 am
yields down 20% and same thing with peanut crop. what will it mean for people at home? intermediate term lower price for beef as heads get liquidated. higher prices for corn. higher prices for cotton. higher prices for peanuts. there might be a shortage of peanut butter on the shelves next year. what ill will it take to end it? tropical weather and a lot of it. not just tropical storm don going into southern part of texas. the state climatologist at university of george gauge, here is -- georgia told me what we need. >> we need like 2004 and 2005 when we had storm after storm after storm. one storm will bring some temporary relief. it will be widespread. but one storm will not solve the problem. >> reporter: yeah it is not going to solve the problem. one meteorologist is saying these drought conditions could persist all the way through next summer.
10:29 am
the only upside at least here in the state of georgia, alisyn, they got less water the peaches are little smaller but sugar concentrate. if you have a georgia peach it will be far sweeter than what you're used to. alisyn: that silver lining. we should pray for storms there if that is only thing that will help turn it around. >> reporter: lots of rain. alisyn: we're hearing serious allegations that the obama administration could be leaning on the credit agencies to favor the democrats debt limit plan. that is next. miraculous tale of survival. a pilot trapped in choppy waters for over 18 hours. with waves over ten feet high. no lifejacket. he tells us what made the difference between life and death. >> they pulled me on board. got me, threw a life ring to me. i got to the my hand on the boat. i couldn't, that was extent of what my ability was. they dragged me and drug me on board like a caveman drags his wife.
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put me right on. wn ♪ ♪ or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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alisyn: fox news alert for you, the white house press secretary saying just moments ago that the white house is closely watching changes in the debt standoff. but as the u.s. faces a credit rating downgrade is the administration trying to convince the rating agencies that senate majority leader harry reid's plan is better than the republicans?
10:34 am
aren't the rating agencies supposed to be neutral nonpart son bodies. >> that is a great question. they are supposed to be. whether they are is another story. at the fox business network we got the emails showing the administration has been dealing with the rating agencies on the whole budget issue since at least march. lots of talks that were heating up in april, the administration worried about losing its aaa rating back then. they were in heated, interesting meetings with standard & poors. we are hearing now for the last couple of days the white house is essentially putting the pressure on the rating agencies to try to get some sort of statement out of them to say that the reid plan is more fiscally prudent and boehner's plan. i don't know how you do that with a straight face. if you look at a lot of stuff in the harry reid plan the cuts seem meek, like stuff that might come in the future. i'm not saying that boehner's plan is anything so great or the
10:35 am
markets think it's so great. there is a little more in terms of what we've seen out of the republicans in terms of cuts than the reid plan. they are trying to push the reid plan as being fiscally responsible because it takes only one vote to raise the debt ceiling. this is what the white house is saying, two votes is something along the lines of let's revisit this topic next year throwing the whole process into chaos once again. that's the white house's line. we've been reporting this now for three days and they have yet to issue their denial. not that i often take that with anything more than a grain of salt but there you have it. alisyn: that is a bombshell, charlie. thank you for sharing that with us. we'll check back in with you. also, we need to tell you some more breaking news. moments ago in the white house briefing room reporters pressed about the president's role in these high stakes debt debates watch this. >> you've said several times the highest levels there are phone calls happening from here and yet mow mansion who is one of
10:36 am
the conservative democratic senators who would be a swing vote was on msnbc this morning and said quote i'd like to see the president more engaged to talk to us, call some of us, get in everyone's face. >> i hadn't seen those comments. i can assure you that -- >> assume he's telling the truth, honestly -- >> we've all been here for the past several weeks. the idea that the president is not engaged is simply per possibl preposterous. i wasn't aware of senator mansion's comment, but i think overall the president has amply demonstrated his level of engagement. >> you're talking to a democratic senator who would be sper wadeable. >> what is your -- >> my question is if the president is not talking to one of five or six conservative democrats that are persuadable here. how are the phone calls moving towards an end game? who is he talking to?
10:37 am
>> persuadable. >> one of the folks who is in the middle. >> again, i will say up front that i am not aware of that comment. i'm not even sure what you're talking about, persuadable in what direction. 53 democratic senators signed a letter saying they will not support the boehner measure. >> senator reid is saying he's going to amend his version, no one knows how it will be amended. >> we are having these conversations, and, you know, i'm sure they will include senator mansion as well as many others. alisyn: that by the way was fox'ed henry pressing jay carney there. let's talk more about it with doug thornel. and mark theison. thanks for being here. doug i want to start with you and follow-up on whatted henry there was asking jay carney. could the president have been more engaged during all of this? >> i mean that -- i agree with jay carney, that is a little bit laughable. we've all been following the
10:38 am
news, he's been fully engaged for the last weeks with these meetings. i mean, remember, he and speaker boehner got very close to an agreement and then john boehner walked away. the idea that the president hasn't been engaged is a little bit laughable, in fact the agreement that they were close to making would have cut the deficit by even more than what is about to come out of the house, which is somewhat of a joke. alisyn: mark, by the way this wasn'ted henry's theory that the president wasn't engaged he was quoting senator joe mansion of west virginia who said the president should have been more in people's faces. what do you think? >> there was a joke going around on twitter last night saying the only way we'll stop this impasse is this barack obama gives another speech. look, he took himself out of the debate last tuesday with that ridiculous speech to the nation calling for tax hikes, when his own senate majority leader earlier that day had offered a plan that was all cuts and no tax hikes. i mean he was politicizing it.
10:39 am
he doesn't have a plan. there is no plan that has been put on the table. john boehner has offered plan off plan, he started with cup, cap and balanced and passed it in the house it raises the debt limit. he reached a grand bargain with obama, he walked away from that and demanded $4 billion more in taxes. now he has another plan that is about to pass the house. republicans keep doing their jobs, giving options and president obama has no plan whatsoever for dealing with this. alisyn: should the president have released this his own plan rather than saying what he should veto. >> they keep passing plans that have no chance of going anywhere in the senate, they are partisan bills. alisyn: what about the president's plan? what if the president came out and said here are my bullet points, here is a plan this i've written down and would like to see. >> i think he's been pretty clear with the plan that he would have liked to have made with john boehner, $4 trillion in cuts, that it's balanced, and
10:40 am
that's what the american people want. the american people do not want this one-sided plan which is only about cutting and no shared sacrifice. and i think that this idea that he hasn't been engaged, putting out ideas, i mean it's just ridiculous. we've all been watching the news. >> wrist the plan? show me the website where i can go to the plan. you can go to boehner's website and read his plan. obama hasn't put out a plan. the only plan obama put out is the one five months that tripled the national debt and raised it by $10 trillion over ten years. >> show me what they are about to vote on today. this thing is being cooked up in john boehner's speakers office. nobody knows what they are about to vote on, this is crazy jo obviously nobody wants the president to write out a 240-page proposal, that is not his job, that is the job of the legislators, what about the leadership question? what about the president of th
10:41 am
being the comforter, coming out and saying, we'll get through this. nobody needs to panic, obviously this is not a crisis that will fall our nation. i mean what about some soothing words? would that have helped, dog. >> i think he in his speech to the nation he actually patted john boehner on the back for his work on this issue. i thought that was a nice issue. boehner turned around and threw the president under the bus. we are talking about who is leading who is not. >> you must be kidding. alisyn: mark last word. >> john boehner is about to pass a plan that is the only path to avoiding default. >> it's american default bill, it is not going to pass the senate. >> it is going to pass the senate and the president will sign it. it's the only option. >> are you kidding me? >> if boehner is having this
10:42 am
much trouble passing this through the house no one is going to pass a harry reid plan through the house. >> this has no place to go but down, come on. alisyn: we are not ending on an optimistic note. thank you for coming in for the debate. this is a very troubling story, where is celina cass? she was last seen monday night at her family's home. there are new clues emerging in a search that have left investigators stumped. we'll explain all that to you. would you know what to do if you were this guy, trapped in chilly and choppy waters without a life jacket for 18 hours after his plane crashed? he'll talk to us about his ordeal and what got him through it, next. >> when i was out there in the water i couldn't -- the one thing i wanted one more time was just to wrap my arms around my wife, my mom and my family, just
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alisyn: pilot michael trapp is very lucky to be alive today. he meant to fly to a family reunion but his plane stalled out and crashed into lake huron instead. that was the start of his epic ordeal. he spent the next 18 hours treading water without a life jacket when a group of boaters spotted him he was using a sock to flag them down. michael trapp joins us live from the covenant medical center in michigan. michael, it is nice to see you. >> it's nice to be here. alisyn: i bet it is. michael, you have to explain to us how you survived for 18 hours in the water. what did you do when you got tired of treading water? >> well, it's amazing what you can do when you have to do it. i just laid on my back, found a
10:47 am
position where it took minimal energy to stay on top of the water mostly. alisyn: was your mind playing tricks on you during this time? were you lucid at this time or were you nodding off? >> no i was fully aware of everything that was happening. i just stayed alert. that's probably half the reason i made it through was just trying to play the mind game and stay mentally alert and focused on what i had to do to stay alive. alisyn: i know you had close calls with other boaters that you saw, or who may have been able to help you, but you used your credit card as a beacon? how did you do that? >> well, you know, desperate times call for desperate measures and i was trying to think of anything i could do to get the attention of somebody. i did have my wallet and i was looking through there and i took out the shinist credit card i had. i was aiming at the boats hoping somebody would see the flash and come investigate. alisyn: that was not ultimately
10:48 am
what saved you, it was your sock. alisyn sock. >> my sock. i took one sock off and i was waving it my arm and that's what worked. alisyn: were you afraid that something was going to bite you when you were floating in the water? >> when it was dark the water was relatively calm. i did get bumped by a couple of things, i don't know if it was logs or debris, but a couple things bumped into me. alisyn: i don't like that thought. what is the fisherman who finally saw your wet, white sock say to you? >> well, i told them i was like, listen, i said i've been out here for a longtime and my plane crashed, and they are like, we know who you are, we were sort of looking for you. they were pleasure boaters and they just happened to be coming through and they all went to a corner of the boat and they were just looking just in case they maybe could see something. alisyn: my gosh, i know that you've said that one of the things that got you through that
10:49 am
desperate 18 hours was thinking about your family, and wanting to see them again. what were some of your thoughts as you were floating along there helplessly? >> it's amazing 18 hours gives you a longtime to think about stuff especially in a situation like that. so you think of everything from family, to work, and what you've done wrong in your life and how you can make it better, and how things can be better, and how you can make yourself a better person, all that goes through your mind. alisyn: did you think you were going to survive? >> i hoped i would survive. i wasn't -- the more time that went by i was more and more unsure. alisyn: how much longer do you think that you had in you there had the fishermen not found you? >> i -- there was still a little bit of time left, but if i went into the dark i'm not sure what would have happened. alisyn: you're being discharged tomorrow, that is good news, what is the first thing you want to do when you're out of the hospital? >> i just want to get home, just
10:50 am
get home, get back to normal living. i realize it's only been like three days or two days but it feels like it's been a week or more that i've been here. get back to the normal routine of living, get my body healed and do the normal things that normal people do jo and get back with your familiar leave course. are you going to fly your plane again? >> my plane is at the bottom of the lake, it ain't coming back up i don't believe. alisyn: got you. what an incredible story and great instincts that you had. let us know how you're doing in a couple of weeks, okay. >> i will, just give me a call. alisyn: we will, thank you. remind me to bring socks the next time i'm swimming. there are new warnings that president obama may become the first man in the oval office to oversee the downgrading of america's financial republican taste. now critics are asking, how did
10:51 am
we get here? >> there are always going to be bumps on the road to recovery. >> that's exactly what we see in american business as well. >> shovel ready was not as shovel ready as we expected. [laughter] next thing you know he's got a stunning portfolio. shhhh, you're welcome. [ male announcer ] e-trade. investing unleashed. really? 25 grams of protein. what do we have? all four of us, together? 24. he's low fat, too, and has 5 grams of sugars. i'll believe it when i--- [ both ] oooooh... what's shakin'? [ female announcer ] as you get older, protein is an important part
10:52 am
of staying active and strong. new ensure high protein... fifty percent of your daily value of protein. low fat and five grams of sugars. see? he's a good egg. [ major nutrition ] new ensure hh protein. ensure! nutrition in charge!
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10:54 am
alisyn: new fears today for a whale stuck in a northern california river. she's been swimming there for about a month and even though the river runs just a few miles from open ocean she just won't go in that direction. trace gallagher is live in our west coast newsroom. is she just disoriented do they think? >> we don't know. you saw the map there the klamath is way up north, it's big time whale territory. the whale swam with her calf about a month ago.
10:55 am
a month ago the calf swam to the ocean which is a few miles away. for some reason mom won't leave, she is staying there, right. it's unclear where she came into the river in the first place, it's unclear why she won't turn around and go back. the worry is as you look at the whale that she is developing these growths on her skin, they believe that is from spending too much time in freshwater. they've tried to go in there to make noise to scare her back down the river into the ocean. they put boats in there to direct her out, guide her out, none of it has worked. she looks pretty happy, right. the marine biologists are just now leaving her alone saying that she is fairly healthy, but the question really is, how long can she survive in freshwater, listen. >> these are those questions that we have really no idea. we just haven't had many whales up rivers before so we don't really have an idea about what to predict. the best case scenario at all is she just decides to turn and leave.
10:56 am
>> reporter: when you have marine biologists shaking their heads thinking we don't really know because we don't have a lot of gray whales that cruise up river. the thing is this whale doesn't even have a name. they always name a whale when they go the wrong way and end up in the river. remember the famous whale a few years ago. she is stuck in the raeufr she doesn't have river. we need to have a name for this whale in the river. alisyn: i'm ali at fox. let's hope she can be steered in the right next. moments ago john boehner met with republican senators and earned himself a standing ovation. in three minutes kentucky senator rand paul joinses live and we'll get his first reaction to a new republican debt plan that seems to be winning,
10:57 am
growing support as we speak. just in video of a horrendous crash caught on surveillance tape. see how this bus ended up flying through a fast-food restaurant. just one phillips' colon health probiotic cap a day helps defends against occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas and bloating. with the strains of good bacteria to help balance your colon. you had me at "probiotic." [ female announcer ] phillips' colon health.
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alisyn: the tide could be tushing on cap till. we await for a possible vote on a revamped gop plan that seems to be winning new friends as we speak. welcome to a new hour of "america live." house republicans are predicting enough support for speaker boehner's new debt plan to pass by what we are told by a wide margin. that vote comes as the administration warns america is four days away from running short of cash to pay its bills. what do we know about these developments, doug? >> reporter: quite by chance i caught up with speaker boehner in the hallway as was exiting
11:01 am
the conference meeting. i asked, "have you got a deal?" his response was, "i'm smiling." the spokesman for speaker boehner saying if we pass this today we will have sent not one but two bills to the senate that will ends the crisis. all that will stands between the resolution is the senate which has passed nothing. so presuming it passes in the house, it's onto the senate. and democratic senators were playing a game of bod cap-good cop. senator richard durbin followed by good cop senator majority leader harry reid. here they are. >> now the speaker brought in the requirement to extend the debt ceiling. we have to amended the constitution of the united states of america. this is the most outrageous
11:02 am
suggestive heard. to think those of us who have sworn to uphold the constitution. >> the people that we all represent want to us come together with a bipartisan method. compromise is not a bad word. it's for us to act together. we hold our arms out to our republican colleagues. >> reporter: republic aides have told me the boehner bill will enjoy a privileged status in the senate, it's expedited. if as many people expect reid tables that bill as he did with cut, cap and balance, you will have to find a piece of legislation that passed the house that enjoys the same privilege so sit won't be subject to the various delays parts of the procedures in the senate. if he does not that it will put it up against the deadline clock. so look for that to happen. under the best of circumstances
11:03 am
you can expect the senate to be in session burning the midnight oil both nights this weekend. alisyn: it's a tough one. all this success speaker boehner may be feeling getting his caucus in line may be dead on arrival in the senate. but we'll talk about that shortly. doug mche willway thanks so much for that update. the president earlier called on congress to move quickly. and then he went on to make public remarks about future fuel standards for american cars. that led senate minority leader mitch mcconnell to question the president's approach to this crisis. >> if the president hadn't decided to blow up the bipartisan solution members of congress worked so hard to last weekend. but democrats are talking about block solution to the crisis and the president is rolling out you are in mileage standards.
11:04 am
here we have a few days from when the secretary of the treasury says we'll be in a default situation and the president of the united states is rolling out new i'mage standards today. alisyn: we want to talk to senator rand paul about all of this. is he standing firm against the initial plan from both speaker baron and senate majority leader areh's debt plan? he said -- and harry reid's debt plan. i guess i can ask him directly. senator paul, how are you? >> very good. alisyn: we heard there is a revision to the boehner plan in the house that would add, perhaps a balanced budget amendment. would that be enough to step up the scales and would you vote for it in the senate? >> i'm still full of the initial plan which was the cut, cap and balance and had the balanced budget amendment before we loaned any money.
11:05 am
this would allow a trillion of new loaned money then they promised to pass a balanced budget later. so the real question is i'm not sure why we are submitting a second plan when the democrats rejected our first plan and they have already promised to eject our second plan. i'm in favor of having a balanced budget amendment. i think it's the only way we'll reform things up here. i'm concerned if the boehner plan and the reid plan will allow us to caps, allow us over a 10-year period to add $7 trillion to $8 trillion it would be inconsistent with a balanced budget amendment. what would we do with the caps and numbers in the boehner plan that don't balance? so to me there is some contradiction and confusion, still. alisyn: there is confusion all around. as you points out, is speaker boehner just spinning his wheels trying to get his caucus in order and get this passed when it will be dead on arrival in the senate?
11:06 am
or what he's hoping is there would be enough momentum here when he gets the republicans on board and then something might give in the senate, and maybe it would go for a vote. do you think it's possible that this would be up for a vote and we vote yes for it. >> i think what's going to happen. it's been defeated in the senate even though we haven't had the vote. all the democrats signed a letter saying they will vote no on it. so i think it gets vote down. the republicans in the house hope it becomes the template for the eventual. they will be a reid-boehner plan eventually. when that plan comes forward their hope is they will take more of the boehner plan and the reid plan. but eventually they come together and vote to raise the debt ceiling. what disappoints me is in the end neither of these plans will ad new debt and i don't think our country can with standing that new debt. alisyn: president obama came out
11:07 am
this morning a press conference and said we are not miles apart. do you think democrats and republicans are getting closer? >> i think it reid plan and boehner plan are very close and i think ultimately they will pass some joints product will pass. the debt ceiling will go up. but i'm not sure the country will be better off for it. i think our debt is going to be downgraded simply because no one believes that we have got our fiscal house in order. no one believes we are going to balance our budgets. it's interesting dish know what take the to balance your budget? if you cut 1% a year for 7 or 8 years. one penny on the dollar, your budget will balance. or if you freeze your spending you get close. but nobody is talking about even a freeze. we are all talking about increase can the debt, and increase the spending. i think it's the wrongs thing to do. alisyn: it sounds so simple when do you that math. will this amalgamation, a reid-boehner plan, do you think
11:08 am
it will happen by august 7? >> yes, i think something will pass today and tomorrow and final product on monday. and i think the debt ceiling goes up which is a temporary reassurance. you get past the sort of i think somewhat artificial deadline. the markets, the moody's and s & p raiding -- rating agencies will judge us by how serious we are trying to get our fiscal house in order. i think the judgment will be negative whether we raise the debt ceiling or not. alisyn: we need to tell you about a fox extreme weather alert. tropical storm don is barreling towards texas. it's expected to hit the coast tonight or overnights. but it's not expected to become a hurricane. right now don is about 145 miles zell of corpus christi,
11:09 am
sustaining 50-mile-per-hour winds. those winds should only strengthen slightly before reaching lands. this will be the first named storm to hit texas this year. people there are dealing with a severe drought so the rain is not expected to be enough to break that drought. disturbing details emerge on a growing trend along our southern bored and it dem rates the tough fight in america's third war. the smuggling of hard-core drugs going that an alarming rate. more heroin, cocaine and meth flowing into communities all across the u.s. adam housley is live near the border in san diego, california. what more do we know about this? >> the numbers are massive at the world's busiest border crossing. they make more money and it helps fuel their violence on the
11:10 am
other side of the border. one sergeant here said if those hard-core drugs gets through this check point they will scatter within the country in hours. >> it's much more difficult to detect and this is a good example. this came in this morning. we have 14 pounds of mexican heroin out of this drive shaft. >> reporter: in one hour agents grabbed more than a quarter million in hard-core drugs including methamphetamine wedged inside a car battery and more drugs found inside the lining of this suv. it has agents seeing a 70% increase in cocaine being smuggled. and 20% more methamphetamines. on guy of anien day -- on any
11:11 am
given day 40,000 cars come through this checkpoints. try to figure out which car to look as the. which drive train may have black tar heroin stuffed inside. the task seems impossible. the results of increased hard-core smuggling by the cartel means more heroin, meth and cocaine widely available on the streets. >> there are more seizures of the harder drugs coming from mexico. what that means for law enforcement addressing that going forward. >> reporter: that quarter million drug bill doesn't can't you surf stuffed with drugs that was found as we were leaving. when you talk to law enforcement officials they tell us two reasons the numbers are up big time. they say it's better detection. there are three dog teams going through the cars as they head counties u.s. the second reason is the demand in the u.s. from users. them say the cartels can make a
11:12 am
lot of money from smuggling hard-core drugs than if they had to struggle a much larger amount of marijuana. it comes down to how much they can make by getting into the u.s. alisyn: adam housley, thanks. it was just a month ago the president was reminding democratic donors how well the economy was doing. just ahead the new report on whether he was right. plus we have seen her face, the hotel maid who knocked off one of the most powerful men in the world. but wait until you hear who is raising serious doubts about her credibility. and this missing 11-year-old girl last seen going to bed in her own home. now her communities is dealing with the terrifying possibility a predator may be among them. >> she has not been seen since monday and is missed very much by her family and the community.
11:13 am
her sister is defend stated by her disas persons. celina is a young girl who is afraid and needs to be home with her family and friends. ♪ with diabetes, it's tough to keep life balanced.
11:14 am
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11:16 am
alisyn: police are searching for an 11-year-old missing girl. and they plan to speak with every single person in her hometown to try to crack this case. they are hoping someone will have clues into celina kass' disappearance. despite the effort nothing is turning up. trace gallagher is live in the west coast newsroom with more. >> reporter: it's about a mile from the canadian border. the population is 800. a lot of those people are being questioned. a lot of them are helping out in
11:17 am
the search, volunteers passing out fliers and helping search the areas. celina cass disappeared from her bedroom. she was last seen at her computer. they have not issued an amber alert. but they don't have enough information about how thee disappeared. every missing child investigation begins by looking at the family. she lives with her mom, 13-year-old sister and stepfather. court document show her stepfather has a troubled past. apparently a few years back he went into the home, broke into the home of a former girlfriend in the middle of the night. she was sleeping. he raised her mattress and dropped it, threatened to throw her down the stairs. during the court hearing the judge said he was incompetent to stand trial. sent him to a psychiatric hospital. the judge then issued this quote saying his mental illness creates a serious likelihood of
11:18 am
danger to himself and others. celina's parents have not talked to the media. they are requesting absolute privacy. elizabeth smart was kidnapped from her bedroom. she is now an analyst for abc news. she says the parents have to talk to the media because it' the only way to keep her picture out there, the on hope of them bringing her home safely. so far parents have not said a word to the media. the searches on very, very mysterious and very little evidence on how she disappeared. alisyn: here is what we know. we know the search for this girl is intense. many law enforcement agencies are involved. yet an amber alert has not been issued. bill daily joins knee now. as i understand it, in new hampshire they need con kreeftd of an abduction before an amber alert can go out. >> reporter: when you send an
11:19 am
amber alert they want people to be on the lookout for a vehicle or license plate as opposed to just a child walking down the street. i think the most important steps in this case is getting what we are doing now. talking about it. getting it out in the media. that is probably the most instrumental in being able to bring her home. alisyn: i worked for "america's most wanted" as a crime reporter. i know how valuable information is. why won't her parents talk? obviously they are scared to death. but wouldn't it help if they could couple and talk? >> first the authorities will be looking at the family and what's going on there. there seem to be some dynamics they need exploring. but to realize what would be a benefit. they want to make sure they come out and speak and communicate to her that they are with her. they are looking for her. we love i, come home, don't
11:20 am
worry, whatever you have done, whatever happened to you, all is fore given. alisyn: that's what elizabeth smart's mother said was so helpful to her. elizabeth smart said it helped her to know people were looking and the case was still alive. what do you think happened? >> with elizabeth smart there was evidence of a screen being torn and some evidence someone may have witnessed it. in this case there doesn't appear to be that there is that type of forensic evidence. but the fine on the scene working with state and local authorities as well as the royal canadian mounted police across the border. the fbi spent their immediate response team for children who are missing. they want the make sure they put as much arms around this case as they can by but'sing organization into technology and equipment they can use to
11:21 am
examine the crime scene as well as low jis tickally getting everyone organized from search parties to members in the communities. we know the quicker you can respond, the quicker you can get information, the better off this child is coming home alive. alisyn: let's pray they can get clue as to what happened here because we are talking about it today. thanks so much for coming in with your expertise. there are new questions about mayor cap recovery today after troubling new numbers so our economy slowed down sharply in the first half of the year. but didn't the president just recently say we are back on track? alan colmes joins us with more on this. plus a heartwarming tribute remembering one of our country's fallen soldiers. the family of travis manion joins ups live with what they kree night honor of their on. it's being called the next generation of planes. the new f35 jets with a unique
11:22 am
landing capability.
11:23 am
11:24 am
11:25 am
alisyn: this is a cargo van running a red light and it slams into a bus and send it into a mcdonald. you can see here -- there are no serious injuries to report. police say the cargo van driver was drunk and had no license. the white house facing new questions about mayor cap recovery after he can really disappointing news on the economic front. numbers so the economy grew at a meager 1.3% from april to june.
11:26 am
the government dramatically revised john ward our growth from 1.9 per to .4%. last month president obama said the economy was coming back nicely. he said the markets have recovered a large part of what they have lost. here to talk about is is alan colmes. let many start with this gdp numbers. .4%. that's flat line. is it time to concede the stimulus didn't work? >> it's time to concede the stimulus wasn't enough. the other part of that report was the bush recession was much
11:27 am
worse than we thought. from december 2007 and january 2009 when the bush recession took place things were worse than we thought and that is partly responsible for where we are today. alisyn: now it's the president's economy, he has been in charge of it for two years. went auto bailouts and the continuation of tarp. how can you say it worked? >> i'll answer your questions. it worked because gm is back. the shareholders are getting paid back. they are back in business. it saved at least a million jobs between related companies like gmac. it's not an opinion, it's a fact. it's a fact that these jobs were saved. because gm is still in business. alisyn: i want to move onto the macro. the economy is not doing well. it's struggling. >> because we started from a
11:28 am
much more depressed place than we thought. we needed to push the money into the economy faster. the government is one of the only instruments that can solve this problem. we needed a much more robust stimulus which the blue dog democrats and regrelsive republicans would not allow to us do. alisyn: basically you are happy with the tactics the president has used. you are happy with the things the president has done and you are satisfied -- >> i'm not satisfied. i wish we had done more. we should have asked for more money. he keeps talking about we need to put people to work building bridges and roads. that's what i would like to see. alisyn: you remember the administration said -- >> they were wrong and they should never have overpromised and underdelivered.
11:29 am
when you have people at work you bring the unemployment rate to a better place. you have more tax dollars coming into the economy. alisyn: why don't we have more people coming to work. what is the magic number? >> i'm not an economist. i can't give you a magic number. but many economists will say twice the amount is what we needed to do to have the proper stimulus. it's hard to believe that. >> it many temporary deficit spending. it's why people go to work and pay into the economy. >> we always appreciate your perspective. thanks so as much for coming in to talk about where the economy is today. can weific this economic hole with the news taxes the president is calling for? the hotel maid at the center of the sexual assault case against the former imf chief is fighting back about questions about her
11:30 am
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alisyn: we are waiting for the house to move ahead with the gop bill to raise the debt limit and slash government spending. the republican leadership expects to pass a senate democrats push ahead with their rival bill setting up for a showdown as the u.s. faces this unpress don't default possibility. you heard president obama argue cutting the deficit must include higher taxes on the so-called rich. but that argument misses a key point. elizabeth mcdonald is here from the fox business network. what does paying your fair share of taxes really mean? >> reporter: the top 5% of federal income taxpayers in this country pay 59% of the shaffer all federal income taxes. these individuals are solidly in
11:35 am
the middle class according to i.r.s. data and make on average $159,0059,600 a year. when you are talking about fair share we have seen another i.r.s. data that says as we have been reporting. 47% of taxpayers do not pay federal income tax though they do pay payroll, property within state, local taxes, gas taxes. but when you hear the code words such as revenue raisers or shared sacrifices, these are the individuals -- this is the data they are talking about that's not coming to the forefront. this all comes before possible new taxes that could hit the middle class could come out of health reform before that kicks in. alisyn: it's interesting to hear you say these are the solidly middle class people paying for
11:36 am
this. the president says let's tax corporate jet owners and the richest. it's an interesting perspective from you crunching the numbers. house republicans gearing up for a revamped debt limit bill that is expected to pass today. but most likely without any democratic support. this as the clock ticks down and congress is playing a high stakes game of chic within the future of america's financial security. what do they need to do to stave off an unprecedented u.s. default? let's bring in our power panel. jehmu greene, and china, special commentator laties, thanks so much for being here. i just interviewed rand paul as you know who says he believes there will be a an an amalgum of
11:37 am
the reared and boehner bills. >> thank good northeast we have senator paul using the word compromise. that's not something we have heard. what we have been hearing is, you know, take the or leave it. that's just not there absolutely reckless. it's ludicrous the tea party is about to make our deficit a much more significant issue because they are not willing to compromise. that's not a good thing. alisyn: it's not just tea party's talking points. have all americans come around to believing we can't continue to just spend without paying. >> all the hope in the world
11:38 am
doesn't change the math. this is attack ising in the entire economy and people are listening to it, including small business. would you hire in this climate in of course not. all your consumption goes to zero when you don't have a job. i think everybody wants to end this conversation quickly. the whole backdrop brings everything down. >> this is talking about bills we already accrued. this is really a simple as paying off debt we already owe. so the reports earlier about the economy and how the projections are not living up to what's been set by economists in the past. you know, the economy and making those projections is a combination of qualitative and quantitative data. how do the american people feel confident in spending? how do the mark test feel confident in spending when we can't trust our leaders to get it together when it comes do
11:39 am
simple items like paying off bills? alisyn: we'll move to another subject. and that is the maid who accused dominique strauss-kahn of sexually assaulting her in the hotel. a lot has happened since first accusations were made. she has come out publicly, showing her face, used her name to talk about what an ordeal it's been for her. she said she was sexually assaulted now revictimmized by the media who call her all sorts of names and doubted her story. what do you think about whether she should have come forward and talked about this? >> it's hard to point to the particulars about this came. it raises a much larger issue. 600 women in the united states every day are the victims of rape or sexual assault. what is concerning is the victims shaming that we have seen through this case.
11:40 am
so if she is going to be that spokesperson to really highlight that issue, i think it's something that we have to address because this climate makes it much harder for women who are sexually assaulted to come out. alisyn: whether you think she is telling the true or not, most don't come forward. >> usually you would think in this case she would have a ground swell of support and she doesn't. i think the sentimental favorite is the wife of dominique strauss-kahn. because we all feel guilty there was this media firestorm and they were publicly humiliated. she has played her public cards correctly. >> i don't know how i feel about feeling sorry for the waivers of such men. he has claimed that whatever sex happened was consensual. and he's had a history -- his
11:41 am
name has gone around in circles when it comes to women. but as far as going out there, i don't see anything wrong with that. i don't think rape victims should could youer in shame and stay d -- should cower in shame and stay behind closed doors. >> there is a history of him being a sexual predator. alisyn: thanks so much for coming in to talk about all this. we appreciate it. the marines showcasing their latest flying machine to the world. we show you you the next generation of jets. [ male announcer ] where'd you get that idea?
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11:45 am
jet. this supersonic flying machine is said to be the next generation for u.s. and nato forces. our jennifer griffin got an up close and personal look. she joins us live from the pentagon. what are these things like? >> reporter: we just got back from the flight. we thought that as lawmakers were discussing deficit reduction on capitol hill, and that there is so much talk in some of the plans of cutting $800 billion over 10 years from the defense budget that we would take a look at the pentagon's largest after he question significance item. the state of the art stealth f-35b. it's being developed to replace the harrier jet which will no longer be flying in 10 years' time i'm told. we got a glimpse of an f-35b in flight. it flies faster than the speed of sound.
11:46 am
but it's expensive. $100 million per plane. the marine variant manufactured by lockheed martin has had so many production problems that secretary robert gates it on probation before he left the building. what this plane does that's so out of the ordinary. it's capable of a vertical landing like a helicopter. it hovers at 60 knots. why is it needed? the marines say it uses 3,000-toot runways for takeoff. that gives them 10 times the options around the world where a similar plane would need 8,000 feet, tsunamis hard to find in a war zone. they will be able to land it on amphibious ships. and they won't need aircraft carriers. >> the marine corps needs this aircraft, the nation needs this aircraft in order to counter the threats we'll see. >> reporter: but the wars in
11:47 am
iraq and afghanistan will likely be over before it's deployed. the first one is suppose to be combat ready by 2016. but this stealth fighter really wouldn't be used in conflicts like iraq and afghanistan. it would be used against countries with serious air defense systems. alisyn: did you ask them to give you a ride in that? >> we had a ride in an as bring which was he -- a ride in an osprey which was equally cool. alisyn: a tribute to a fallen soldier. a special interview with his family about a foundation set up in his name to help our veterans and families of other fallen heros. >> the son of a marine, travis
11:48 am
aspired to follow in his father's footsteps and was accepted by the u.s. naval academy. extra vision was killed by a sniper while attempting to save his fellow marines from danger. with diabetes, it's tough to keep life balanced. i don't always have time to eat like i should. that's why i like glucerna shakes. they have slowly digestible carbs to help minimize blood sugar spikes, which can help lower a1c. [ ma announcer ] glucerna. helping people with diabetes find balance.
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>> our nation owes a debt to its fallen heroes that we can never fully repay. but we cannot sacrifice and we must. that's our obligation to america's guardians like travis. alisyn: president obama honoring first lieutenant travis manion
11:52 am
during this memorial day speech. his family created the travis manion foundation. they also host the 9/11 hero's run held every september 11. martha maccallum stat down with his mother and sister to learn more before this american hero. >> reporter: we want to talk about travis, your son and brother who was killed in iraq. now the two of you started this incredible foundation in his name. he was such a handsome young man. tell us dish want everyone to understand about this story. >> well, the type of person he was? he was just a great kid. he was stubborn. he was just a typical kid. but he loved family. he loved his friend an loved doing things for other people.
11:53 am
martha: one of the reasons there is this 9/11 hero's run in his name. he did one tour in iraq, then he was about to go back for this second tour and he visited ground zero. >> he visited rescue one in manhattan. he spent the night up there just talking and telling stories about september 11. came back and the guys up there had given him a hat. and he handed the hat to my dad. on the back of the hat it said "9/11 never forget." he said remember this what is we are fighting for. martha: how much dis9/11 have to do with his reasons for fighting in iraq? >> it had a lot to do with it. when he had a choice of where to go as far as being a marine officer. he looked and agraduated at basic school marine corps at the top of his class and he had his
11:54 am
choice of where to go. he chose the next unit that was going to be deployed into iraq. martha: what was your response when you heard that? >> as a mother you worry. but i knew that was travis. i knew that that's what he would do. martha: it's well documented on the web site. he was a standout athlete and standout student and a leader to other people in his life, to other students, then to other soldiers and iraqies as well when he was there. tell us about that. >> he was. the iraqi interpreter contacted us and he said the iraqi people loved him. the soldiers respect him. martha: tell us what everybody can do and how people can be involved it many such a tribute to you having suffered this incredible loss of this bright star in your family that you committed yourself to making sure his memory is still alive, and how are you doing that on 9/11 with these runs?
11:55 am
>> we had our official announce on the intrepid. and chef rove lay is our official pace carport races and we'll spread the words. because of them it aloud to us make our dream become a reality and we'll have these races throughout the country. martha: where does the money go? martha: 25% of the money goes back into the communities. then part of the proceeds will come back to the travis manning foundation where we can continue to work with families of fallen service members and our veterans. martha: he was an extraordinary young man, too short on this earth. we encourage everybody to support the hero's run for 9/11. where they they go to find out more information?
11:56 am
alisyn: what great story. i'll put that web address out on twitter so everyone can visit that site. when we come back, the story behind this incredible video. captioning made possible by fox news network budget. she thought allstate car insurance was out of her reach. until she heard about the value plan. dollar for dollar, nobody protects you like allstate. is besabsorbed in small continuous amounts. only one calcium supplement does that in one daily dose. new citracal slow release... continuously releases calcium plus d for the efficient absorption my body needs. citracal. [ coughing continues ]
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>>alisyn: and some incredible video of a violent storm hitting chicago. tim was outside of his tomorrow trying to cap mother nature's fireworks when this happened. he says it was so intense he was thrown backwards into his car and he was pretty keyed up for a few hours after as you can imagine. we are glad he is safe and he brought us some dramatic video. thank you forwa
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